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Employee Handbooks

Company policies and procedures are important to the successful operations of the organization. Therefore, West Ashley Consulting provides assistance with developing effective and compliant company guidelines and procedures that are local, state and federally compliant.  

Why do you need an Employee Handbook?
  • Provide guidance and legal compliance for the organization .

  • Allows new hires to be introduced to organizational policies and procedures for incorporation into a new cultural environment.

  • A reliable basis for employee performance management.


Sample Employee Handbook (sample contents)
  • Welcome - Introduction

  • Workplace Commitment

  • Company Policies & Procedures

  • Employment Classification

  • Attendance Policies

  • Leave Policies

  • Work Performance

  • Discipline Policies

  • Health & Safety

  • Benefits

  • Termination

Customized Employee Handbook


        Fee: contact us for more information





Benefits of an Employee Handbook?
  • Allows management and small business owners to make decisions that are based on well documented policies and procedures.

  • Assist with .

  • Provides companies with the confidence that the organization is legally compliant.

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