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West Ashley Consulting provides a solution that is tailored specifically for small business. Our HR ON CALL product allows small companies to have on demand HR expertise for a monthly subscription fee. We provide the critical support that you need to enhance your business by ensuring that you are adhering to changing employment laws. 

Why choose HR ON CALL?
  • Small businesses should have access to the same resources as larger companies enabling them to compete in today's fast pace environment.

  • Enables internal resources to focus on core competencies rather than spending time researching and contending with HR-related topics.

  • Allows small business owners the ability to have the expertise of HR professionals on call 


Benefits of HR ON CALL?
  • Allows management and small business owners to make decisions that allow for minimized risks.

  • Provides HR issues to be addressed timely, adequately and legally.

  • Provides companies with the confidence that HR issues are address according to local, state and federal laws.

Types of Services provided by HR ON CALL?
  • Employee relation issues.

  • Employee status questions.

  • Termination issues.

  • Employee and HR policies

Annual Plan 

You are able to have the peace of mind of having access to HR answers available to anytime you need them at a discounted price.


      Fee: contact us for more information

Monthly Plan


No need to commit to an annual plan, choose a month to month service, providing you with the HR expertise you require.


      Fee: contact us for more information

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