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Business Consulting

For many organizations, business consulting services can provide the tools necessary to minimizing risk, increase workforce efficiency and productivity. West Ashley Consulting provides its clients with various tools to transform the way you do business through, program and project management, change management, and management consulting.


Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) allows for employee engagement to ensure that change is implemented effectively and efficiently enhancing the culture of the organization and promoting the foundational strength. Our Change Management Consultants assist our clients in the execution of organizational strategies to improve foundational structure and increase employee performance toward organizational goals and objectives


Management Consulting & Strategic Planning

West Ashley Consulting provides its clients with management consulting services utilizing a partnership approach. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we understand your needs and are assisting you to develop a targeted strategic plan that is obtainable and achievable. Our Management Consultants guide organizations through various stages of business from start-up phase to growth and development.


Program/Project Management

Effectively executing a program or project can be the difference between having a fruitful client relationship or poorly navigating a tumultuous client relationship with little success. Our program and project management consultants  have the skills and tools to assist your organization with managing and maintaining the efficiency of projects on time and on budget.


Management Training

The success of an organization begins with its most valuable assist, its employees. Therefore, it is important that organization leaders are positioned to lead effectively and build a environment to cultivate innovation and creativity. West Ashley Consulting provides executive coaching, management and leadership group training. Contact West Ashley Consulting to discuss your manager training needs with a training specialist. 
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