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HR Outsourcing

For many organizations, HR outsourcing can provide many benefits, such as minimizing risk, increasing efficiency, and productivity.West Ashley Consulting provides its clients with options that allow you to not only gain back your time but the confidence that you can attract and retain a competent workforce.


We serve as the primary contact for your employees and/or managers either onsite or offsite.The HR Business Partner actively engages with your employees to administer and deliver HR related services on a as needed or ongoing basis.


Our HR Professional team provides project related support on an as needed basis to employment services to your organization and/or HR team. We can provide a host of services, such as administrative support activities including payroll administration, open enrollment, benefits administration, compliance activities, and maintaining current records, templates, and HR information systems.


We provide our clients with full cycle recruitment services, which allow our clients to relax in knowing that their positions will be filled. We are also able to assist our clients with staff augmentation of projects for government contracts. Our HR staff can provide you with a workforce that meets your requirements and delivers the skills you need to meet the demands of your organization. We understand that many candidates are more interested in finding an organization with the best cultural fit, therefore, we get to know your organization so that we can find the best candidates to meet your needs and expectations.



West Ashley consultants are qualified to provide you with the guidance you need to stay informed on the changes that occur in the federal, state and local employment laws. We also keep you abreast of best practices and assist you with ways to develop policies that allow your organization to remain legally compliant. 


Why Consider HR Outsourcing

Did you know that outsourcing HR can help you overcome challenges with understanding government laws and regulations, manage administrative overload, as well as focus on your business goals and objectives.


Minimize HR Administrative Burdens

We help you simplify the way you do HR by handling your administrative and daily functions of your department. With our staff handling time consuming task such as benefits administration, recruiting, compensation, leave of absence requests, and employee performance management, you are able to focus on your core business without distraction.  


Retain Competent Workforce

Our HR professionals are able to assist you with developing a recruitment strategy to attract and retain competent and skilled employees. We are able to draft and coordinate onboarding plans that promote your brand. We work with you to develop employee programs for development and performance.


Increase HR ROI

Our HR Outsourcing services allow your organization to reduce organization risk, increase efficiency, reduce HR cost, increase employee engagement and retention
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