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HR Consulting

In today's competitive business arena, organizations must place top priority on protecting their most valuable assets, their human capital. Therefore, at West Ashley, our consultants tailor our HR solutions to the needs of your organization. We offer a broad spectrum of services to our clients to facilitate a strategic approach to Human Resources that focuses on each organization's goals and objectives.


Many small business are faced with a variety of challenges and need the assistance of skilled professionals to help them understand the issues and minimize the risk to the organization. We provide that assistance and allow for the organization to find the stability necessary to achieve growth.


Our HR Professional team provide a comprehensive review of your HR department processes and procedures, administrative functions and performance to ensure that your organization is in compliance. We provide a report of how your HR department is doing and areas of improvement. A HR Audit should be performed annually to ensure that your department is running smoothly. 


Performance management for many small organizations can be extremely difficult for many reasons. Therefore, we can provide you with the support that you need to handle performance issue in a legally compliant manner which will minimize that negative emotional impact on your employees and reduce the legal risk for you as an employer due to you inadequately handling a matter. 


Our HR Consulting services allow your organization to reduce organization risk, increase efficiency, reduce HR cost, increase employee engagement and retention. We partner with your leadership in understanding your goals and objectives to strategically align your HR department.


Are you in need of an HR professional for a short term assignment or fill a vacant position on your HR team? Do you have an HR project that you need assistance with? Our HR professionals are knowledgeable, friendly and flexible and are able to assist you with any HR project that you may have either on site or off-site. 

Casual Business Meeting

Is your company ready for growth?  Has management thought about succession planning? We assist you with ensuring your workforce is aligned with the needs and priorities of the organization. We help develop recruitment strategies that anticipate future needs and areas of risk within the organization.

Credit Assessment

We provide our clients with sustainable compensation plans that align with your organization's workforce planning initiatives and retention strategy. 

Compliance & Risk Assessment
Accountant Records

West Ashley Consulting is qualified to assess your department and/or organization for compliance and assist you in mitigating your risk.

Women Colleagues

Is your company in need of an HR professional for a short term assignment or to fill a vacant position on your HR team? Do you have an HR project you need assistance with? Our HR professionals are knowledgeable, friendly and flexible. We are able to assist you with any HR project that you may have either on site or off site.

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