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HR Audits

HR Audits are an important aspect to the effectiveness of the Human Resources department and function to any organization. Therefore, HR Audits should be conducted on a regular and consistant basis to ensure that the HR function and/or department is providing value to the bottom line of the organization. By evaluating HR's service, roles and contributions an HR Audiit can be used to determine effectiveness, thereby allowing the organization to identify any problem areas to target. Target areas of improvement can allow for an organization to increase its competitive advantage and bottom line. West Ashley Consulting provides HR Audits to clients throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.   

Purpose of HR Audits

Identify strength and weaknesses within the HR function and/or department.    

Areas to Audit

  • Legal compliance (EEO, AA, ADA, FMLA, IRCA, etc.)

  • Record-keeping (personnel files, I-9s, applications, etc.)

  • Compensation/pay equity

  • Employee relations

  • Performance appraisal systems 

  • Policies and procedures/employee handbook

  • Terminations

  • Health, safety and security (OSHA compliance, Drug-Free Workplace, AIDS in the workplace, etc.)

Types of HR Audits

Compliance Audit

The compliance audit provides you with a comparison of human resources practices against policy and/or legal requirements. This type of audit will provide your organization with a list of gaps between what is required and what your organization is currently doing.



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Continuous Improvement



This type of audit is done to provide your organization with guidance with how your HR function and/or department is performing and any improvements that can be added to enhance HR services.



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